How It All Began

I have not always been an attorney. My career first began as a nurse when I received a bachelor of science in nursing from the University of North Florida. After receiving my degree I went on to work as a registered nurse for 10 years in critical care, home health, and Hospice where I obtained extensive knowledge in the healthcare field. I have always had a curiosity for higher education, and soon after beginning to work as a nurse I became interested in legal ideas. I completed an externship with two nurse attorneys and the idea to go to law school became a reality. After earning a J. D. from Mississippi College School of Law, I began practicing law, and I have practiced healthcare and employment law in the Carolina’s since 1992. In 2003, I opened my own law firm.

Karen McKeithen Schaede Attorney at Law prides ourselves on being affordable, accessible, and approachable. Interaction with clients has always been our strong suit. At times the field of law can be very similar to nursing. Being an attorney and being a nurse can both be considered helping professions. I enjoy interacting with clients while we work through a problem and find a solution.

Service is everything. We want to be down to earth and we strive to build strong relationships with each of our clients.  As a nurse I dealt with every socio economic type available. We helped people at their worst and most vulnerable. Being a nurse has really taught me how to deal with all different kinds of people, and it has certainly applied in the legal field as well.